Pair of Stem Glasses - Terrence Bertin's Products in Wood

Pair of Stem Glasses - Terrence Bertin's Products in Wood

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Kinetic Rhythms

Terrence Bertin

Products in Wood

PO Box 821 Salida, CO 81201

575-317-3896 (text or message)


Green Sourcing:  I love woods and appreciate the role trees play in our global ecosystems.  As such, I wanted to source all my materials without the destruction of any more trees!  Hence, all products are made from reclaimed and repurposed woods salvaged from cast-offs and cut-offs graciously provided by local cabinetry businesses,  yard trimmings, old furniture, etc. which were otherwise destined for the landfill.  No new lumber was harvested for any of these products.

All charcuterie/cutting/serving boards are finished in food-grade oil and beeswax collected from our own bee-hive.

All mugs are finished in either all-natural tung oil (a natural, food-safe, water-proofing oil from the seeds of the Chinese tung tree) or FDA-approved food-safe resin.

All puzzles are unfinished and suitable for painting/staining. 


The species used in these products are any of the following:

            Hickory (domestic hardwood, 4.16 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 1880)

            Hard White Maple (domestic hardwood, 3.67 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating1450)

            Walnut (domestic hardwood, 3.33 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 1010)

            Beech (exotic, European hardwood, 3.58 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 1440)

            White Oak (domestic hardwood, 3.92 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 1360)

            Cherry (Domestic hardwood, 3.0 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 660)

            Alder (Domestic softwood, 2.33 lbs/board-foot, Janka-scale hardness rating 590)


Product Care: Being constructed of natural materials, these items are subject to a natural rate of entropy and thus require some care in use:  do not submerge, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or sub-freezing temperatures (these materials all have differing densities and expand and contract at differing rates; adhesive joints will fail in extreme temperatures), do not microwave, wipe often with a light coating of any food-grade oil (I prefer coconut, but since coconut is an allergen, I didn't use it on any of these products – canola, olive, etc. work fine).


I hope you enjoy your product – may it serve you long and well =D